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Who are we

Pausa & Crescente are two new Italian restaurants in Lisbon that form part of Ruvida’s family.

Ruvida looks at Italian long lost traditional recipes with an eye to fine dining and to the research of the highest quality raw materials (both Italian and Portuguese).

In the same way, Pausa & Crescente make of products’ quality, freshness and authenticity their differentiating factor.

In Pausa & Crescente you can try the experience of a classic aperitivo in any Italian square: a group of friends chatting around a table while sipping on a Spritz or glass of wine, with a board of the freshest cheese and ham, making room for more seats as new friends arrive.


An Italian Salumeria for everyone who appreciates the real Italian gastronomy and culture. It will make you to travel to Italy through your five senses without taking a flight.


An Italian Focacceria where you can have a taste of the authentic Italian Focaccia and experience tradition, quality, passion and freshness through every bite. The freshest Focaccia in Lisbon!

Crescente brings the authentic focaccia to Lisbon, with a recipe studied ad-hoc by a baker with a long family tradition, using only the finest ingredients.

Freshly baked every day

Every day you can find freshly baked focaccia straight out of the oven. Enjoy our house classics, specials and stuffed focaccias.

A new concept of Italian Salumeria that brings together a broad knowledge of gastronomic tradition with new culinary proposals. As a result, you will be able to experience Italian gastronomy and culture through the 5 senses.

Our specialities are:

Cured meets and cheeses boards

Focaccia, Pizza and cold dishes

The Best 
Italian wines

Our cured meats and cheeses selection comes from a meticulous and experienced research, with the purpose to bring to Lisbon only the excellence of Italian gastronomy.

All the products we selected come from small artesanal companies – often historic – like Podere Cadassa or salumeria Bonfatti. All of them are renowned for their biological handmade manufacturing, respecting nature’s time and creating products that reflect the tradition of the territory, with certifications D.O.P. or SlowFood.